Will it void my new car warranty if I don't return to the dealer for it's services?


To maintain your new car warranty there are three servicing prerequisites.


Firstly your car must be serviced by someone qualified. This doesn't mean an authorized agent of the manufacturer (dealer), although you maybe forgiven for thinking it does! Here at Dan's Auto 1, your new car service will not be performed by an unsupervised 2nd year apprentice. You actually get 'face-time' with the bloke who spent time on your car and your more likely to get a valuable insight to any up and coming costs that may help you budget for your next visit.


Secondly, your car needs to be serviced using genuine parts as per the manufactures specifications.


And last of all, your car must be serviced as per it's log book. For example if it is due for a 15000km service but you have been too busy to book in and left it until 25000km. Not only are you risking the safety and reliablity of your car but you have just put you new car warranty at jeopardy!



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